Why I’m not like other coaches

As you may have figured out, I am a life coach, and, specifically, I focus on authenticity; opening up the genuine person to experience the world in as authentic state as possible. Now, people hold expectations of each other. The culprit of these problems that I am fighting are those expectations. You, as you are reading this, hold certain expectations on me as a life coach, a blogger, and a spiritual guide, or whatever face you came to find.

Normally, people are expected to slice themselves up and serve a different face for a different occasion, but I am trying to work towards offering the entire person at all times  – maybe not rubbing all parts of ourselves in people’s faces; you’re welcome for the visual, but at least not be required to HIDE these different sides and deny they’re there. In my case, this may mean that while I am a coach and a business woman (struggling as I may be at the moment) you do not get to tell me that I have to deny I am a real person on the other hand, that I have a sex life, and that I have, also, problems of my own. Hopefully, what I’ve got sorted will help you go forward, but as I am aiming for 100% freedom and authenticity for my life, you can bet your sweet ass I am battling some serious issues of my own as I am undoing millennia’s worth of social conditioning, karmic soulmate relationships, and the sort, that most people do not need to touch for a long time yet. So, even though I am not where I want to be in my own life, I am more than capable of getting you started; it’s like getting an Olympic level athlete to coach your teen or your kid while they, themselves are still training… Also, your goals won’t be the same as mine, and your problems won’t be the same as mine.

However, I do require one thing from ALL of my clients: As I aim to release you from your bounds and to help you become free to be you, while I am doing this, You Do Not Get To Tell Me How To Do My Job Or How To Present Myself As A Professional. If you have trouble stomaching the fact that I wear a biker jacket rather than a linen lace dress or a suit, or that I have an active profile on an adult dating site, we won’t get far. If you cannot see my value as a coach because of me not fitting into your pre-held ideas of what a coach should be like, you are FAR from ready to be coached by me anyway, so you might just want to take it for what it is and move on.

It SUCKS when someone says that, doesn’t it? That is the kind of attitudes that hold us all in place and make us all unsatisfied and suffering. As people TRULY have issues with such small things as a choice of jacket is, it is quite understandable people have issues with bigger things, too. And funnily enough, I feel like this is about the hierarchy that we are dealing with: “I don’t care if you’re gay, for as long as you are monogamous.” “I don’t care if you’re polygamous for as long as you’re wearing the right clothes as you talk about it.” So I’m sorry, I’m going to be straight polyandrist and I talk about my life and my way of thinking while wearing black leather. It’s your job to understand that intelligence is between one’s ears, not worn over one’s skin… And people; I do not get paid for being an actress. I get paid for teaching you How To Stop Acting.

The reason why I am bringing my persona into the public is that I do not wish to alter myself depending on who I am talking to. Normally, when I would talk to a specific person, I would, like everyone, adapt to their personality and their interest so we can get along, right? Now, all of these people have a different idea of who I am (and who anyone is) because everyone thinks the person they know is the same with everyone else. Now, I do not like to do that anymore. I want you all to know that what you see is just one aspect, and even though I am like that with you, there’s a whole different spectrum of different faces in me, and in everyone else for that matter. What you know people to be like, is very often what you bring out of them rather than what they actually are. Something to remember I’m sure.