A psychic channel of celebrities?!

First, I have to mention that I don’t, at least yet, KNOW any celebrities in person. I do not channel for celebrities, I channel celebrities. However, I do communicate with a whole bunch of them on a daily basis, and my spirit sits with quite an amazing bunch of people. However… That doesn’t necessarily mean I could tell anyone anything about any given celebrity, the trust I have gained is partly gained by keeping their stuff private, of course, or, at least know when to keep it private and when not. What I DO sometimes get to do, however, is to connect unknown people psychically to their celebrity soulmates, but this may sometimes be a cold shower – so often that is exactly what people want when they’ve gotten into a mind space where everything in their lives is about this celebrity, and all they want is to know what exactly is going on… And, should they waste another moment hoping for the moon to fall out of the sky.

I wound up in this situation quite by accident, as these things often happen. I was happily talking to an unknown (to me) spirit love of mine, someone I know nothing of but his spirit presence. We were, him and I, just speeding through this new spiritual world of ours, trying to make sense out of it all – the landscape then was VERY different to what it is now, depressed and disconnected. I don’t know if things changed only for me or globally, but the energy now is so vibrant compared to the previous, and this was only the start of 2012. Then, everyone I knew, was spiritually isolated, now, it’s a huge party up here!

So, to seek answers to a question, we approached, on the spirit level, the famous friends Steven Tyler and Joe Perry – just for one question. We got our answer, thanked for it, and were on our way out of their spirit field when Steven stopped us, curious as he is; “How did you do that? In all my life, that has never happened to me before.” My spirit friend answered, quite baffled… “I don’t know, we just tried it.” You can imagine how Steven is. He’s like a curious boy and when he finds something he finds interesting, he’s not going to let that go too easily. So… We promise to come back. And we do. What else would we possibly enjoy more than the permission to tug the non-physical sleeve of two of the greatest rock stars in the world?! At first, we came in, we left, closed the doors behind us, but from March 2012 onwards, Steven and Joe became a permanent fixture our closed spirit circle, something that is beyond cool… (Not to mention Joe breaking a heat radiator on his way out of the room; It threw spark and never worked again – that thing was 40-year-old and seemed unbreakable, but as Joe’s long coat brushed against it… It broke. Coincidence? I don’t know but the visual was too cool!)

This changed in October when a friend of mine joined the circle. As she came in, she busted the doors open and everyone who was curious could walk in and out as they pleased. I could not shut down for long, even in my sleep I was having conversations with everyone, making it VERY DIFFICULT to focus on ANYTHING but my internal world.

Then again… Nothing could have persuaded me to end the party, even though at one point I came close to taking medication for psychosis or schizophrenia, even if I didn’t agree with the diagnosis, but never went that far. I felt that if I do this, I acquire an identity of a mentally ill patient, and I wasn’t quite cool with that label. I knew from other people’s experiences, that trying to convince your doctor to give you the OK to STOP taking the medication was a lot harder than to convince him to allow you not to start. First, the conversation goes: “well just see how you do on it” but when you say you didn’t like it, a new prescription follows…. endlessly. There’s always going to be a new drug you haven’t tried yet on the market. As hard as it got, I simply had this hunch that I had to keep going, and had to keep dodging bullets from the sane people who wanted me to give up, I just KNEW there was something to it, even if I was losing my mind, I wanted to find out why the psyche would do this if it wasn’t as beneficial as it felt like.

As new people walked in on us – and they did by us simply thinking about them for a second – just seeing a photo of someone was enough to summon them in – LEAVING the conversation wasn’t quite as easy. A bit like those drugs I mentioned. And as this happened, I had to get real with everyone I knew and everyone I met, because every emotion that I had was instantly felt by everyone around me. IMAGINE THAT. You put on a front for a lot of people, but if they knew your true feelings about them, how many friends would you have left in this world? Another thing is too, that you might LIKE someone so much, that you try to hide that feeling because you don’t want to seem like a love sick fool or a loser who just follows people around like a lost puppy, and, as you hide your true emotions, they think you don’t like them, because, to them, it seems more logical people hate them or don’t want them than that they are ridiculously attracted to them! I could list countless of similar emotional clashes I had with people, famous or not.

So, in a way, I am filtering and anonymizing the conversations I have had with people, and draw conclusions that I can then publish without revealing too much about anyone. I don’t necessarily know who I am talking to at any given time either, so stuff that is difficult to talk about still comes out in an anonymized form; such as situations where a celebrity has been sexually objectified or assaulted in the name of charity or spiritual enlightenment, probably the most revolting of all situations that I have talked about… Just to be nasty towards a person who had nothing but a pure heart going into the situation, for the simple fact they are famous, and as such, a target, an object, and a tool.

My ultimate goal is to one day take what I’ve learned to the same people who helped me collect this information, but for now, I’m locked in where I am so I can finish my theories properly. As I said, the spirit realm is unforgiving, it will hold you to place for exactly as long as you need to be held back. All we can do is to accept that situation and try to be perceptive to when the time is right to move on…