Talking to celebrities in spirit – The Connection

I have had the opportunity to talk to a huge number of amazing people on the spirit level. It is not immediately obvious that what you do is actually real, or what you are being told is real… But there has been some amazing hits that were, to me, mind-blowing, considering that only 5 or 6 years ago, despite having been psychic my whole life, I declared I didn’t have a psychic bone in my body – when in fact, some things that I took for granted was actually psychic intuition… I just didn’t realize.

What I also haven’t realized in my lifetime, was that I have always been connected to rock stars through my soul. Feeling a connection to several stars has been an interesting; I have both avoided it and searched for it, I have feared it and needed it. One such strong moment of connection was when I was in Helsinki at the age of 13 or so, just having turned 13, I felt an immense connection to Skid Row. I barely knew who they were, but I had this psychic awe with me an entire weekend in Helsinki, both to Skid Row (others were playing Skid Row all the time, the album had been released that year I think) and, without realizing it, to Hanoi Rocks, who are Helsinki -natives. I remember staring at a bathroom stall tag: “18 and Life” mesmerized, like it was for me, somehow. I had never listened to rock before, not rock or anything else much, either. Music wasn’t a huge part of my life then, although I was taking singing lessons at the time. (You’ll understand if you grew up in Finland in the 80’s… With my parents and their love for the Finnish radio.)

A few years later, I was in France, and as I was subconsciously avoiding the soundtrack of the 60’s and 70’s rock scene because of my previous lifetime drug abuse habit, my friends wanted to go visit the grave of Jim Morrison. The relief I felt when we found out the graveyard was closed made no sense to me, I barely knew, again, who Jim Morrison was, but I didn’t want to see his grave.

I didn’t want to look at Amy Winehouse when she became famous. Whenever she was on, I avoided her eyes or turned the channel. Loved her, but didn’t want to look at her.

When I had the chance to meet Aerosmith, I didn’t go. When I had the chance to meet Extreme, my absolute heroes at the time, I didn’t go. Both were off chances, but the invitation to meet Aerosmith came telepathically so clearly and naturally, together with their stage door guy’s gestures, that I didn’t even notice it was anything remarkable, by the time the show was over, I had forgotten it ever happened.

When Steven Tyler was breaking up with Erin, I knew about it as soon as they did. When Johnny Depp was getting a divorce, I knew about it about 10 days before it hit the news – probably as soon as Johnny had made the decision to leave, even if Heard beat him to the public shaming.

I think I may also have caused the first slip up Joe Perry has made in 40 years of playing Dream On live, I was watching them play live over the Internet, and I wanted to see if there was an immediate reaction to them if I tried, and I thought, in my mind; “Joe, look up. Joe, here.” Just as he was going into his solo. (My timing could have been more graceful, but I really didn’t think it would work.) He looked up, missed his cue, caused Steven to turn around to see what had happened before he collected himself and finished the solo. Granted, from a different angle video, I don’t see it the same way, but hell, a goal in Aussie footy doesn’t always look like a goal depending on the angle.

Two weeks after I had a good hard talk with Steven and Joe about how they should drop the dispute about the Idols gig – in spirit – they appeared on Letterman obviously having buried the hatchet, relaxed and brotherly… The last time anyone has mentioned the damned Idols dispute since, after talking about nothing but that for two years.

I gave Axl and Slash a public Tarot reading once, on my blog that I am not going to link to as it’s gone at the moment, and gave them a similar talking to about getting their disputes solved, and one year later, I hear they’re talking again – after near 20 not talking… But that is not the interesting part… What is interesting was that when I started to write another post to celebrate, I checked to link back to the previous tarot reading and it was dated exactly one year before – to the day. Not a day before nor day late but on the same day. I don’t wish to claim any credits here, but that was pretty awesome.

One day, I was watching a Russell Brand interview, he was sitting cross-legged in an armchair, with a water bottle near him as per usual, and he said something smart, something that he was particularly pleased with. He grinned, took a drink from the bottle and declared: “Smug drink!” A phrase I had been using in the exact same situation when talking to these dudes in spirit, and I have NEVER heard anyone else use that phrase before or since.

And… Then there was the time that Nuno Bettencourt calms his audience by an oddly Texan accent… going “Alright alright alright…” And I have heard every public word he has spoken since 1990, and he has never said Alright alright alright before… 😀 I was once, also, related to these two, wondering out loud (in my mind, in my usual crowd of A-list celebrities in my mind) that it is possible that the only man under 70 who can pull off a gray suit is Matthew McConaughey. 3 days later, Nuno Bettencourt shows up in a gray suit to the Lucky Strike Live Soundcheck as the curator. He has never worn a gray suit before as far as I remember. I complained about it. “What were you thinking, Bettencourt?! I told you gray is for McConaughey only! Your color is brown! Remember the brown leather jacket you have, THAT brown!” The next fresh photo I see of him a day or two later, he is wearing the same brown jacket I mentioned.

One Christmas I happened to talk to Michael Jackson, too. That resulted into a dance practice… I swear to God I did moves I’ve never done in my life… Plus, he’s a lot more into warm-ups than I would ever bother with. The repeats the repeats the repeats…

Men who I adore are suddenly working together, going on tours together, mixing, and matching when they could have done this years ago. Some time ago I joked about wanting to see Äärismith on stage; (Ääri being Finnish for something extreme;) and now there’s talk about Extreme joining Aerosmith for their farewell tour…

Edit: When Aerosmith declared that tour, I shrieked! No way you’re doing a farewell tour…! A few days later, they took it back: “We can’t stop yet…”

Although I love these guys, I feel as though they have been chasing me rather than the other way around. When I was a teen, and completely devoted to Extreme, I had Aerosmith pushed into my consciousness from all angles, and I’m like “I’m not into these old guys…” :p Until I realized, I really, really was. 😀

I just wonder… Do they hear me the same as I hear them? Now THAT I am curious about. The most bizarre feeling, however, standing at the Extreme concert last summer, front row, close enough to see the veins in Nuno’s eyeballs, and I feel no spiritual connection to any of them, I feel more removed from the entire situation than spiritually connected to it. I feel like I am watching television, whereas when I am watching television I feel like I was right there. But what I know is this: I wouldn’t change this party for the world.

Or the Circus, as Johnny Depp would call it.