The Many Uses For My Theories

The ways to utilize the insight gained through the study of the Free Spirit Theories are unimaginable so far. What I have gathered so far is only the tip of the iceberg compared to what my students will be able to piece together in a few years time as they find new applications for them in their own area of expertise, and frankly, I cannot wait to see the positive effect they will have on world as a result! They wonder whether one person can change the world… I say, yes I can, but not only am I aiming to change the world, it will still pale in comparison what each of my people can take things to from their own perspective.

Just to name a few OBVIOUS uses for the Free Spirit Theories:

  • Learning to challenge society’s ideas of what a perfect relationship is like, and becoming aware of what it is that you need in order to be fulfilled in a relationship.
  • Renewing your trust in idealism, true love, humanity, and your own instincts.
  • Fixing or ending relationships that do not work, and knowing when it is sensible to try and fix it, and when the appropriate answer is to sever a bond that looks love-based but can be toxic.
  • Learning how to address two crowds at the same time, knowing how differently they think about things, or stop playing in the midway for good and choosing a clear side that you wish to belong in.
  • Understanding the very different needs of customers, employers, employees, and voters.
  • Understanding the very different needs of two different types of children; and how applying the wrong remedy to the wrong child will set a great kid on a bad path, sometimes permanently.
  • Understanding the motivations of drinking and drug use on a profound level, without attempting to apply the same answer to all people.
  • Hiring the right people for the right job based on just TWO thinker groups you need to learn.
  • Stopping the attempts of motivating people with the wrong incentive, that only works for 50% of the people, while the opposite approach works for the other half.
  • Learning the different meanings common phrases have for different people.
  • Understanding the many ways gender inequality is prohibiting men from (ever) feeling (entitled to) happiness.
  • Understanding the Universal Laws in such logical manner, that faith is no longer needed (much).
  • Restoring the value of intelligence, expertise, and nobility of character.
  • Combining the fiercely sexual side of a person to the strongly intellectual side and both to the highly spiritual being, resulting to full awareness and ability to experience self profoundly.
  • Advanced Law of Attraction that takes into account the MASSIVE effect of negative relationships you FEEL are holding you back but simultaneously feel you have no right to feel that way.
  • On that note, restoring your right to feel what you feel (whether you are a male or a female).
  • Learning to understand where past religious beliefs came from, how they were formed, and misinterpreted by following generations based on the two thinker types mentioned before.
  • Learning to recognize the signs of sexually and emotionally compatible people at a formal party without needing to talk to them.
  • That, some more stuff, and everything you will tweak to because your mind will take a different path from here; and that will be cool bit.